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Thursday, 1 January 2015

ヅ WELCOME 2015 ヅ

ヅ Alhamdulillah.. today is 1st page of 365 pages in 2015. i hope this year will be nice to me.. InsyaAllah..
okkkkk... i choose diary the pink color in my year, coz i love PINK so much .. hokhokhok..
on this day i'm already 25 yearOld in this year.. wahhh.. feeling old meyh!!!

Now i open my life with my new diary.. with LOVE ANIS ..
ヅ    2014 too much pain, too much tears, too much suffering, too much stress.. But most of all, i'm still thankful, i'm still strong, i'm still can face anything.. 2014 is the hardest year i ever been, hoping so much that 2015 is going to be nice... aminnn..
ヅ nothing special in this entry but i will try to create the best entry for my silent blogger..
that's all.. TQ dear reader...